Videx Kodetastatur med aluminium front

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Varenr: VX810N
Alt. varenr: 6300126
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Codelock unit, 1 code, flush mounting. 

These low cost codelocks offer an effective solution employing the latest technology with high quality and low cost. The installed codelocks do not require any additional parts or accessories as they are supplied complete, with the surface or flush mounting box depending on the version. 
All versions have 1 access code (add “/9” to the product code to order 9 code version) and are equipped with keypad illumination lamp, with a call button (marked by the symbol  ) to operate an extension sounder Art. 512A and equipped with 1 relay with C/NC/NO terminals and 1 relay command input.

Working Voltage: 12/24Vac/dc. 
Working Temperature: -10 +50°C. 
Relay contacts: 24Vac/dc 3A 

Available finishes for front plates: 
- Silver anodized (add /A to the product code) 
- Aluminium gold anodized (add /G to the product code). 



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