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Videx 4212 RV - Digitalt dørpanel

Vidvinkel kamera/ proximity brikkeleser

Varenr: 4212RV
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Dig. VX2200 Video (BUS 6 Wire)
Product Lines
4000 Series Outdoor
Videophone Systems
Product Type
Proximity Key Reader , Dig. Audio Call Panel
Main Feature
Vandal_Resistant , With Camera , Modular Mounting , Electronic Call Tone , Repertory Name  


4000 Series Vandal resistant range (front plate in brushed stainless with 2mm thickness) digital call panel for Videx VX 2200 digital systems (2 wire BUS audio, 6 wire BUS video).This panel is compatible with the 4000 Series modular system and has the size of two 4000 Series modules.Complementing all digital door panels manufactured by Videx is the ability for all users to have their own unique access code (each apartment can have more than one access code). The access code can have up to six digits and is blind to onlookers. Also,integrated into the panel is a proximity reader enabling allowing a number of proximity fobs to be stored and used individually or in combination with the access code to enter the building. In addition to the speaker unit functions, the panel includes a 128 x 64 pixel graphical LCD display blue back lit (to provide visual and text messages in multiple languages guiding a visitor through the panel operation) plus a keypad with 15 blue back lit buttons 3 of which  are navigation buttons used for the repertory name facility, 10 are numeric buttons (0..9) plus “ENTER” and “CLEAR” buttons. The tenants can be called by dialling the relevant apartment code or by searching the relevant name using the repertory name function.To complement the visual messages provided from the display, the panel has the speech board facility (optional chip installation) to supply audio messages concerning the system operation. The built-in camera is a colour CCD wide angle day/night camera with IR illumination LED’s (the day/night camera provides the best quality of view in any light condition and the wide angle camera provides a viewing angle of 170 degrees). The camera can be set to work with composite video signal (coax cable) or balanced video signal (one twisted pair). Interfaces include a Wiegand output (for systems based on this interface) plus two serial interfaces (USB and RS-485) both allow for programming and event logging. The programming menu and the setup menu are protected by two passwords with different login levels (the engineer password that grants full access and the system administrator password that is limited to some specific settings) while if you operate from a PC an “Engineer’s Password” is requested to program the unit. A “Trade Code” function is available (for periodic visitors) enabled by the specific input or by programmable time band and “Direct Call Mode” for small installations (up to 10 apartments).The memory capacity allows to store up to 998 users data, up to 2800 access codes, up to 2800 proximity keys and up to 4000 events. The front panel finish is brushed stainless steel while the frame finishes are the standard offered in the 4000 Series.

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