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Low cost two zone alarm system, 30 codes,1 relay, surface mounting, colour dark grey.

The two zone alarm is contained in the same size box as the low cost codelock units. With new firmware, the two zone alarm provides a basic low cost alarm offering ease of installation. The units are available for flush (requires a standard 503 back box not provided) or surface mounting. Available colours are dark grey for surface versions and dark grey or white for flush versions. Flush version can be ordered un-assembled to allow painting for colour co-ordination (by the customer). The unit contains 1 relay with C/NC/NO contacts, 1 tamper switch and 1 “instant zone alarm input”, 1 “delayed zone alarm input” (Timed entry and exit), 1 x 8 Ohms siren output. The unit employs a user friendly “Programming Menu” which allows the programming of up to 30 user defined access codes, duration of siren and relay activation from 1 to 99 minutes and timed exit/entry from 1 to 99 seconds. The alarm is ideal for use in stand alone applications ie, apartments, garages, sheds, stock rooms or as a caravan alarm system etc.

Working Voltage: 12Vac/dc 
Working Temperature: -10 +50°C 
Relay contacts: 24Vac/dc 3A



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